Handcrafted Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

Handcrafted Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

Men’s Bracelet in Blue Faience - Em Hotep Collection

The dazzling blue faience beads in this bracelet set off a handsome contrast to the plated brass findings. Ancient Egyptians held that blue faience was a symbol of the heavens where Gods sailed in Golden Solar Barques.

Walter Rugaber speaking at RU Comm Week 2010 Blue Faience New Kingdom sculpture of Sphinx of Amenhotep III. Date:ca. 1390–1352 B.C.[for color reference only - Courtesy of Metropolitan Museum of Art]

I entirely handcraft all of my jewelry and kiln-fire all my Egyptian faience beads. The techniques and artistry I practice are exactly those which were practiced by the magnificent artisans serving the Pharaohs and Queens of ancient Egypt. The sintered-quartz ceramic I make is made from the exact same minerals the Egyptians drew from the sands of their deserts and the silts of the Nile.

This men's bracelet is from my “em hotep” collection. “Em hotep” was a common Egyptian phrase one used to wish a friend or loved one peace and happiness.

This bracelet is strung on a stretchy cord made of durable elastic silicone and slips easily on and off the wrist. The bracelet is 8 inches in circumference; a standard size for men. Please contact me if you would like a custom size made.


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