Handcrafted Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

Handcrafted Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

Men and Women’s Ancient Egyptian Adjustable Tumbled Peridot and Red Jasper Nugget Macrame Bracelet with Custom Designed Antique Brass Ankh.

This Ancient Egyptian bracelet features tumbled peridot and red jasper nuggets with a custom designed ankh finished in antique brass.

The Egyptians mined peridot from Zabargad Island in the Red Sea and called it the “gem of the sun”. It was worn to ward off demons and terrors of the night, and Egyptian priests believed that it harnessed the power of nature using goblets encrusted with it to commune with the gods.

Red Jasper is known as the shaman’s stone. It gathers energy for brave and practical strategic action. The Egyptians linked jasper to fertility, and the “rubies” mentioned in the bible are now believed to be red jasper. The Ankh is a symbol of life, and by extension, immortality. Note within the design of this Ankh is a Royal Was Scepter and a Djed Pillar.

I make all my bracelets with a soft durable cotton cord that knots extremely well. I also use a very strong bead cord through the stones to keep them securely fastened.

I make all my bracelets in adjustable sizes ranging from 5 through 9 inches in circumference. This range of sizes will fit everybody from small children to large men. Please select your size from the dropdown below.

Your jewelry will arrive in a Wedjoyet gift box, designed by yours truly, and tied in hemp ribbon.

I also do custom orders.

Please visit my FB and Instagram to see my latest things, as I usually post there before I list them here.

Ankh Wedja Seneb - Life, Prosperity and Health


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