Handcrafted Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

Handcrafted Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

Men’s Necklace in Nile Green Faience with Green Brecciated Jasper - Em Hotep Collection

Verdant green faience coupled with the muted green tones in the brecciated jasper echo colors of many pieces of the extant jewelry that has survived from ancient Egypt. The toggle clasp and decorative spacers are all sterling silver. This necklace features a Djed Pillar Amulet, a ancient spiritual symbol of strength and stability. The amulet is finished in oxidized silver.

I entirely handcraft all of my jewelry and kiln-fire all my Egyptian faience beads. The techniques and artistry I practice is exactly that which was practiced by the magnificent artisans serving the Pharaohs and Queens of ancient Egypt. The sintered-quartz ceramic I make is made from the exact same minerals the Egyptians drew from the sands of their deserts and the silts of the Nile.

This men's necklace is from my “Em Hotep” collection. “Em Hotep” was a common Egyptian phrase one used to wish a friend or loved one peace and happiness.

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