Handcrafted Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

Handcrafted Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

Women’s Necklace in Sand Tone Faience with Hand-Hewn Matte Red Jasper - Em Hotep Collection

"Red Lands” are what the Egyptians from the ancient world thought of the deserts stretching out from the Nile and protecting their kingdom on both sides. This thought inspired this piece featuring faience in warm sand tones coupled with red hand-hewn jasper nuggets. The toggle clasp and decorative spacers are all sterling silver. Please note that the necklace shown displays the amulet of an Egyptian Ankh with an embossed Was Scepter and Djed Pillar. You may instead opt to have an amulet of an the Lioness Goddess Sekhmet, a warrior Goddess of battle and healing. Please see the included photo for your choice. Both amulets are finished in oxidized silver.

I entirely handcraft all of my jewelry and kiln-fire all my Egyptian faience beads. The techniques and artistry I practice is exactly that which was practiced by the magnificent artisans serving the Pharaohs and Queens of ancient Egypt. The sintered-quartz ceramic I make is made from the exact same minerals the Egyptians drew from the sands of their deserts and the silts of the Nile.

This women's necklace is from my “Em Hotep” collection. “Em Hotep” was a common Egyptian phrase one used to wish a friend or loved one peace and happiness.

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